Fun Arkansas Facts



As the year winds down, we thought it would be fun to explore some trivia about Arkansas. We found some great facts from the Arkansas Department of Parks & Tourism to share with you.  


Did You Know?

The climate is pretty mild in Arkansas. The average annual temperatures fall between 58-65 degrees. This is particularly obvious to us as we are in the last week of the year and enjoying unseasonably mild temps throughout this holiday season. White Christmases are rare around here! In fact, the average snowfall amounts in our state range from 10.4 inches in the Northwest corner to 2.8 inches down in Southeast Arkansas. Do you think we’ll see that this winter?


Most of us know that Arkansas has historically been an agricultural-based state. But did you know that we rank nationally in some areas of agri production? Arkansas ranks #1 in rice and poultry production, #5 in sorghum and grain and #8 in soybeans and grape production. Thank a farmer today!


If you’d like to see more fun Arkansas facts, visit the Arkansas Department of Parks & Tourism website.