Amazing Space

The fifth of May marks an interesting significance this year. No, it’s not just a regular Cinco de Mayo. This year, National Space Day also falls on May 5. Annually observed on the first Friday of May, National Space Day is a day dedicated to acknowledging the achievements and opportunities in the field of astronomy and the exploration of space.

Arial view of space

The day of recognition was created in 1997 by the Lockheed Martin Corporation to spark interest in science and math in young people. National Space Day quickly gained momentum in the science field, and in 2001, former astronaut and Senator John Glenn helped promote it worldwide as International Space Day.

Many schools and museums host educational events, activities and demonstrations focused on STEM based programs to observe National Space Day.


Want to get involved?

  • Visit a science center
  • Dust off your telescope and point it to the nighttime sky
  • Use the hashtag #NationalSpaceDay on social media to create awareness in the community; share your favorite space-related photos, memories or thoughts.

Happy National Space Day! Stop to set your eyes on the sky and consider the vast accomplishments we’ve seen in our lifetime. And remember, it’s the perfect occasion to quote everyone’s favorite space crusader, “To infinity and beyond!”


Source Credit: National Day Calendar