Red, White & Boom

As we are getting ready to observe Independence Day in the United States, there are some interesting facts to learn about the events that inspired the holiday, and how Americans choose to celebrate the occasion. Many people spend time with family during the holiday week, traditionally shooting off fireworks or attending picnics, parades or backyard barbecues. Perhaps others will take advantage of a day off work with a camping trip or swimming. No matter how you spend your time off, it’s good to know why we are afforded the freedom to do so.

The Declaration of Independence was signed and approved on July 4, 1776, which made the 13 original colonies into a nation. According to the Historical Statistics of the United States, the population of the nation in 1776 was 2.5 million. Since then, the population has reached over 323 million residents, as of 2016. Talk about growth!



chart showing 1776 population


56: men signed the Declaration of Independence, including Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and John Hancock

  • John Hancock was the first to sign the document.
  • Ben Franklin was the oldest to sign, at age 70.

The United States imports about $296.2 million in fireworks each year from China, of the $307.8 million total fireworks imports. Then, domestic retailers sell them at a total value of about $368.6 million. (2012 figures)

33: Number of counties and incorporated places in the U.S. that contain the word “Liberty” in the name

Some of these are:

  • Liberty County, Texas
  • Liberty County, Georgia
  • Liberty County, Florida
  • Liberty County, Montana

1: Number of U.S. Places with “Patriot” in the name

  • Patriot Town, Indiana


It is worth noting that in 1776, the colonies fought for freedom from the British. Interestingly enough, today, Britain is the 7th-leading trade partner of the United States, with a $108.7 billion trade value.

23 million:  Number of U. S. residents who report having English ancestry, ranking 3rd behind German and Irish


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