U.S. Population Facts

Earlier this year, the population of the United States rolled over 325 million, according to the United States Census Bureau. The U.S. and World Population Clock is a live estimate of interesting population facts, housed on the Bureau’s website. It uses past census numbers to make projections about current and future population numbers.



USA map of states


The site reports that there is one birth every seven seconds in the U.S. In contrast, one death occurs every 12 seconds. Factoring in these stats, along with migrant growth rates, the country gains one person every 12 seconds.

Today, the world population clock is rapidly approaching 7.5 billion people. The U.S. is third in the list of most populated countries with 326,625,791. China is the most heavily populated country with 1,379,302,771 residents followed by India with 1,281,935,911.


In the United States, our most largely populated states are:

California (over 39 million)

Texas (over 27 million)

Florida (over 20 million)