April Showers…

While the calendar tells us that spring is here, the weather outside lately has been telling us something to the contrary. We are certainly used to seeing lots of rainy days in April, but the cooler temps are not always welcome. Everyone knows that “April showers bring May flowers,” so if we can just hold on for sunnier days ahead…


colorful tulips


There happens to be a lot of cool information out there about the month of April. In fact, the National Day Calendar website has published a list called 10 Interesting Facts About the Month of April that has a lot of useful knowledge for trivia buffs.

  • Did you know that four U.S. Presidents were born in the month of April? Coincidentally, four have also died in April.


  • Diamond is the birthstone for people born in April. The flower of the month is the Daisy or Sweet Pea.


  • Think about it: you probably know someone named April, because it’s a common name given to girls born this month.


  • Several holidays and special days are observed in April, including Teacher Appreciation Month, Earth Day and (this year) Easter.


  • Thanks to those April showers, this month is also the time when people start planting gardens, trees and flowers.


  • Sports fanatics will also probably know that early April is a special time in the United States because it marks the start of baseball season.


baseball players


Hopefully, this April finds you doing something that you’ve waited all winter to do….whether it’s yard work, camping or watching some baseball action.



Sources: nationaldaycalendar.com and pexels.com