Hit the Links in August

Before the month gets away from us, we should acknowledge that August is National Golf Month. If you play a lot, now is the time to introduce someone new to the sport. Or maybe you enjoy the game but don’t play as often as you’d like…so grab your clubs and go this week. There’s still a lot of warm weather ahead of us this year!

The game of golf has been around for a long time. In fact, the modern game is derived from the sport first introduced in 15th Century Scotland. It’s a sport that can be played individually or as part of a group.  Golf courses, both private and public, are part of many communities, neighborhoods and resorts all over the country.  



Did you know that golf is offered at two Arkansas State Parks? Both DeGray Lake Resort State Park, in Bismarck, and Village Creek State Park, in Wynne, offer beautiful golf courses to their visitors. As you travel around the state, make sure to check them out.

National Golf Month was created by the Professional Golfers’ Association of America in 1993. For the latest on professional golf news and events, find their website here.



Source credits: pexels.com, nationaldaycalendar.com