Black Friday Business



Thanksgiving is upon us, friends. And that means that the Black Friday madness is sure to follow. The day after Thanksgiving, or Black Friday, is traditionally the day that kicks off the holiday shopping season in America. It’s a day when stores lower prices, offer crazy discounts and open early or even stay open all night. The term “Black Friday” refers to an accounting term where stores see profit gain over losses (red).

If you enjoy getting out to shop while your turkey dinner digests, there are some good suggestions from

  1. Make a Plan—that is, know what you are shopping for ahead of time. This isn’t a time you want to lazily browse around a store. Read sales ads and look at store apps before you go.


  1. Work Together—take along friends or family to help divide and conquer on the items you must have. Chances are, they will be the same items that everyone else wants too.


  1. Pack a Snack—you may be waiting in long lines to make your purchases. You don’t want to be a hangry shopper!


  1. Bring Your Patience—it will be crowded and lines will be long.


Visit for a list of sales from most major retailers.