Is a Winter Wonderland in Our Future?

With winter weather in the forecast for most of our area this week, it tends to get us thinking about what this winter has in store for us. The Farmers’ Almanac has released its 2018-2019 winter weather forecast report, and it does look interesting.

The line of weather changes falls just across the top part of the state. According to the map, the northern part of Arkansas will see “teeth-chattering cold with plentiful snow” this year. As for the southern parts of Arkansas and into Louisiana, it looks more like “stinging cold with average precipitation in your future. Either way, we know it’s going to be cold. It’s just a matter of time before we are all longing for the hot summer days again.

Our area is under the Zone 5 label (South Central US) used by the FarmersAlmanac. Here is the snow prediction for our zone.

There is a lot of interesting information on their website that tells about weather, gardening, astronomy and other topics. According to their website, be on the lookout for things like woodpeckers sharing a tree, an unusual abundance of acorns and thick hair on the back of cows’ necks as signs that it will be a hard winter.  Here is a link to the complete article titled 20 Signs of a Hard Winter.

You can even look at this document that tells about weather in the past. Use this link to find out what the weather was like on the day you were born, or on any other day going all the way back to 1945! There really are tons of topics to explore if you find some extra time on your hands.