Helpful Tips For Navigating Winter

While we don’t typically see a lot of snow here in the south, there are many times when cold and icy weather cause problems for us all. The Farmers’ Almanac has published a list of helpful tips for dealing with, and avoiding, potential winter weather headaches.

Some of the best suggestions include the following:

  • Keep extra socks in your car. This can be helpful for added warmth on cold days, or if your feet get wet and you need a spare pair. Did you know that you could also use an old pair of socks to keep your wiper blades from freezing up?
  • Welcome the sun! Make sure to open curtains and window blinds on sunny days to let the warmth inside. Conversely, closing the curtains on dark and cloudy days will help to keep the warm air from escaping your home.
  • It’s ok to turn the heat down—just dress in layers and get out some blankets! This might also save some money on heating bills.
  • Keep a bag of cat litter in your car for emergency use. Pour it on the ground to give your tires traction in slippery or icy conditions.
  • Preventing your windshield from icing over is easy with preparation ahead of time. The night before winter weather is expected, try wiping the entire windshield with a potato cut in half. The sugar in the potato makes a barrier on the glass. Just rinse and wipe clean before you hit the road!
  • To combat frozen door locks, squirt some hand sanitizer on them. The alcohol helps to melt the ice quickly.
  • To prevent dry winter skin, try taking shorter, warm showers instead of longer, hot ones.

To see the entire list of 20 Best Life Hacks To Get You Through Winter from the Farmers’ Almanac, click this link.