I say job well done. I have been fortunate enough to have a very well qualified staff working in Madison County during my time as Assessor. Prior to me, the Assessor highly recommended ACT. To Beth and Margie, I feel they do an excellent job gathering field data. I have gone back and checked their work and found that they have done it as I would. To Dennis's office staff I say, job well done. Mindy and Glo are the greatest, I swannie. (Ask Glo) To Tina and Lorrie, they are very responsive to any feedback or problems I have had over the years. They are great problem solvers even when they don't know the answer they figure it out and find the right person to ask.
Overall I really like the ACT family and I have always felt that if I had a problem I could make a call and we could work out the details. There's always room for discussion with ACT. I would recommend them to any county.

Thank you,


Will Jones Madison County Assessor November 29, 2016


I would like to recommend Arkansas CAMA Technology, Inc. to anyone who may be interested in employing them. The Jefferson County Assessor's Office has used the software for real estate and personal property assessment from ACT since its original development. The application and its maintenance have been superb. ACT has listened to our concerns and new ideas, and has always responded in a timely fashion, and with respect. On several occasions, our office has employed ACT to work with us on the appraisal of our real estate. they have done analysis work for us along with providing a temporary Appraiser Manager. We could not have asked for a more competent and congenial relationship.


ACT never fails to help us with any question or concern, whether it pertains to services we pay for or not. I highly recommend this company for any services that they can provide for you.


Yvonne Humphrey Jefferson County Assessor November 29, 2016