Passing of Issue 1 on Arkansas Ballot Affects County Officials












The 2016 election offered a varied array of issues on the Arkansas ballot, but Issue 1 is of particular interest to us and our clients.  Here is a brief summary of Issue 1, from the University of Arkansas Cooperative Extensive Service.

Voters were asked to approve several changes to the Arkansas Constitution. Issue 1 will: 

  1. Allow four-year terms for certain elected county officials, including county assessors.
  2. Prevent certain elected county officials from also being appointed or elected to a civil office.
  3. Allow unopposed candidates to be elected without their name appearing on the ballot; and
  4. Define what “infamous crime” means in regards to who is not allowed to hold an elected position.


Issue 1 passed during the general election held on November 8.

For:  70.23%

Against:  29.77%

Here are the official results from the Arkansas Secretary of State’s website.


ACT would like to congratulate all of the newly elected and re-elected county assessors.