Kiss Me, I’m Irish!

Did you know that March is designated as Irish-American Heritage Month in the United States? In 1991, Congress declared it to be an annual observance, and each year there is a proclamation by the President to mark the occasion.

Here are some fun, Irish-related statistics that have been gathered and reported by United States Census Bureau.


  • In 2015, 10.2% of the U.S. population claimed Irish ancestry. The state of Massachusetts is the home of the highest population of those, at 20.2% of its residents.


  • The population of South Bend, Indiana is 101, 516. South Bend is the home of the Fighting Irish of the University of Notre Dame. Only 8.1% of those residents claimed Irish ancestry in 2015.


  • 21.1% of the residents of Boston metro area claim to have an Irish background. Boston is home to the Boston Celtics in the NBA.


U.S. Map




That Old Irish Spirit


  • There are 15 places in the U.S. (either cities or counties) that share their name with Dublin, the capital of Ireland.


  • There are six places in the U.S. called Shamrock. (OK, TX, MN, MO & NE)


  • You could visit Irishtown, Illinois if you are looking for a lucky charm.


  • Maybe try your luck in one of the places called Clover. (SC, IL, MN, PA, VA, WV or WS)


There are many more interesting facts about Irish-Americans on the U.S. Census Bureau’s website. You can read about it here.