Fruitcake: Yes or No?


Today is National Fruitcake Day! Are you Team Fruitcake or Team No Way??

Fruitcake is found more often this time of year than at any other time, as it’s traditionally associated with the holiday season. The slightly sweet cake is made with candied or dried fruit pieces, nuts and spices. Many people make and/or gift fruitcake to friends, neighbors and loved ones. But it is indeed a treat that leaves a crowd divided: people love it or hate it.

The origin of fruitcake can be traced back to Rome, Italy, where early ingredients included pomegranate seeds, raisins and pine nuts. In America, fruitcake first became available through mail-order in 1913. Most store bought versions are alcohol-free, though some homemade fruitcakes use brandy or other spirits as an ingredient.

Chances are, December 27 was designated as National Fruitcake Day to help people get motivated to eat up all the fruitcake leftovers from their holiday spread! Read more about National Fruitcake Day at this link.

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