You Count

As we are into the middle of May, the U.S. Census Bureau is still urging Americans to be counted in the 2020 census. Census numbers help determine the population count of cities and states, which helps determine federal funding for many important programs. Census counts directly impact funding for schools, disaster relief programs, healthcare and much more for the next 10 years.

What can you do to help? It’s easy! Make sure you go online to and answer the quick survey regarding your household. If you received a card in the mail, you can fill it out and send in, or even answer the questions over the phone.

According to the latest report on May 15, there have been 59.4% of U.S. residents already counted in the census. You can follow this interactive map here to see updates and compare response rates among other states. You can click on the map to break down response rates by city or county as well. Here’s where we stand with our neighboring states:

Arkansas: 54.3% response rate

Louisiana: 53.8% response rate

Oklahoma: 53.2% response rate

At this time, you can encourage your friends and neighbors to respond to the census. Share the link to on your own social media.