Disaster Recovery

Offsite Backup and Data Storage

Could you put a price on the value of your assessment data?  How long would it take to recreate it from scratch?  Accidents happen.  Hardware failures, natural disasters or other unforeseen events can destroy your data.  A secure, remote backup can offer priceless peace of mind and save you countless hours of work.  ACT offers offsite backup and data storage services for your convenience. 

  • Backup both database and images
  • Nightly data backup, or on demand in an emergency
  • Backups monitored each business day for completiondisasterrecovery
  • Frequent data integrity checks
  • Backups stored at two geographically distant locations
  • Aggressive data retention schedule
  • Data encrypted during transfer and storage
  • Completely managed by ACT 


Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Service


Every office needs a Business Continuity Plan in the event of a disaster. Legislative Audit has not only set this as a requirement, but they also require a demonstration of the plan including set up of the replacement hardware. This would be a very expensive and time-consuming proposition for each county to pursue.

ACT offers a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) Service to its clients. Instead of each county having to purchase hardware and demonstrate their plan, ACT has purchased the required hardware, demonstrated the plan and hardware set up, and achieved Legislative Audit approval.

Subscribers to ACT’s BCDR Service would only need to document a location in their county with power and climate control where a temporary office could be set up.  ACT will do the rest.

  • Provide work stations, a server, a printer, and the necessary network equipment
  • Install and configure all equipment in the designated location
  • Restore the latest backup of the county’s data to the temporary server

ACT’s Disaster Recovery Service could be a very important element in your office being in compliance with Legislative Audit’s IT disaster recovery requirements.