Q:  When should Assessment Edits be done?

A:   We recommend the Assessment Edits be done every few months but should definitely be done before the rollover and extract to the Collector.

Q:  In what report do you find Total Timber Acres? 

A:   The total timber acres are found at the far bottom right of the Assessment Book Totals report which is located under Reports>Assessment>Assessment Book; check the Totals Only option and can be run with and without Certified Parcels.

Q:  What reports are needed for the Rollback calculation? 

A:   (1) New Construction Report by Tax District which is located under Reports>Assessment>New Construction, check the Tax District Summary option. (2) Assessment Totals Report which is located under Reports>Assessment>Assessment Totals/Abstract; uncheck Assessment Counts and Abstract options and can be run with or without Certified Parcels. To run this report for the previous year, simply roll back to the previous year and run it.

Q:  What report can be used to compare Amendment 79 totals with the Collector? 

A:  The Subject to Amendment 79 Report can be used to compare with the Collector. This would be run in the previous year after the rollover and extract to the Collector. It is located under Reports>Tax>Subject to Amendment 79, it can be run either by Totals by Tax District or Details within each tax district.