Job Well Done!

November 29, 2016

I say job well done. I have been fortunate enough to have a very well qualified staff working in Madison County during my time as Assessor. Prior to me, the Assessor highly recommended ACT. To Beth and Margie, I feel they do an excellent job gathering field data. I have gone back and checked their work and found that they have done it as I would. To Dennis's office staff I say, job well done. Mindy and Glo are the greatest, I swannie. (Ask Glo) To Tina and Lorrie, they are very responsive to any feedback or problems I have had over the years. They are great problem solvers even when they don't know the answer they figure it out and find the right person to ask.
Overall I really like the ACT family and I have always felt that if I had a problem I could make a call and we could work out the details. There's always room for discussion with ACT. I would recommend them to any county.

Thank you,